Oct 09 2014

Kudos to UK for Becoming Second Western Government to Issue Dim Sum Bond

AdvantageBC extended congratulations to the UK government on their announcement today that they were issuing a bond denominated in the Renminbi, China’s official currency.

In doing so, they became the second Western government to issue a RMB bond, which some refer to as “Dim Sum Bonds”. The government of British Columbia issued a RMB bond in November, 2013.

Sep 26 2014

AdvantageBC Announces Research Findings: Potential Benefits of a Canadian-Based Renminbi Settlement Centre

Today AdvantageBC has released the results of a recent study, “Potential Benefits of a Canadian-Based RMB Settlement Centre,” as the organization participates in a seminar held by the Agricultural Bank of China on Cross-Border Renminbi business. AdvantageBC President and CEO Colin Hansen is set to speak at the event, and will share some details regarding the study’s findings. The report concludes that there is significant and growing interest in the establishment of a Canadian-based hub for direct settlement of trade using Chinese currency, the Renminbi – and that such a centre would be in Canada’s and BC’s interest.

Aug 27 2014

Canada seeks to become Renminbi (RMB) trading centre for the Americas

The Toronto Financial Services Alliance (TFSA) and AdvantageBC today announced they would work together, with officials from the federal, Ontario and BC governments, and the financial industry.

In a joint statement Colin Hansen, President and CEO of AdvantageBC, and Janet Ecker, President and CEO of the Toronto Financial Services Alliance, said:

“Canada has many advantages to offer China as a partner in their efforts to encourage the internationalization of the RMB, and as we seek to expand our business and trading relationships with them…”

Apr 10 2014

Colin Hansen, former BC Finance Minister, will be its President effective July 1, 2014

AdvantageBC (International Business Centre, Vancouver) announced today that Colin Hansen, former BC Finance Minister, will be its President effective July 1, 2014. Colin will be replacing Bruce Flexman, former Chair and Tax Managing Partner of KPMG Canada, who is retiring after 6 years at the end of June.

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Did you know?

  • You may be eligible for a refund of BC corporate tax on income from international business activities.
  • BC has a lower tax rate than Hong Kong and Singapore.
  • British Columbia is one of the top two designated financial centres in Canada.
  • Vancouver is among the top-10 wealth management centres in the world.
  • The IBA Program includes a personal income tax incentive for international employees.