Feb 13 2015

HQ Vancouver - Strengthening Asian Investment in British Columbia

AdvantageBC is a supporting partner of The Business Council of British Columbia (BCBC), the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia’s head office initiative, HQ Vancouver. With a focused approach, this initiative will leverage Canada’s and British Columbia’s strategic location, high-quality infrastructure, sound government, and diverse and well-educated population to attract expanding medium-to-large sized Asian corporations to establish their North American head offices in the province.

Feb 03 2015

AdvantageBC International Business Centre Vancouver Launches New Website

AdvantageBC today announced it has launched its new website – www.advantagebc.ca – aimed to provide businesses engaged in international business to and from British Columbia with the right information tools to make competitive business decisions. The website has evolved from a primary focus on BC’s tax incentive, available through the International Business Activity (IBA) program, to a wider knowledge portal that explains BC’s many competitive advantages. The new website platform will allow AdvantageBC to share international business news on a real-time basis, and provide members with important business and financial updates.

Jan 15 2015

AdvantageBC Report: Establishing an RMB Trade and Investment Hub in Canada

The Working Group on International Financial Services for BC report was finalized and circulated to key federal and provincial officials in October, 2014. Shortly after, the Governments of Canada and China announced that Canada would be designated as the first RMB Settlement Hub in the Americas.

Dec 08 2014

Vancouver Sun: RMB Trading Hub Good News for Business

AdvantageBC featured in the Vancouver Sun: The agreement to establish the hub has taken place in no small part as a result of the work of business associations; AdvantageBC played a vital role in this effort, collaborating with groups across the country to promote a pan-Canadian settlement centre for RMB.

Nov 15 2014

IFR Asia: Canada Ready for Renminbi Push

Canada stole the spotlight in the offshore renminbi market last week, as it became the first North American country to win an offshore renminbi clearing licence. BC has established a working group with the government of Ontario to collaborate with the banking trade associations of BC (AdvantageBC) and Toronto (Toronto Financial Services Alliance).

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Did you know?

  • All five of Canada’s largest banks have significant operations in BC.
  • According to latest GFCI, Vancouver is the 5th most powerful financial centre in North America.
  • Vancouver is among the top-10 wealth management centres in the world.
  • Vancouver ranked third most livable city in the world by the EIU.